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Entity gaming dismantle holders 2ez to grab ESL INDIA Winter Phase title

Entity finally got their hands on the ESL INDIA 2018 title after coming close during the Summer Phase. The fabled organization beat current holders and Fall Season winners 2ez in straight maps (Inferno 16-10, Nuke 16-8) to land their first trophy after the addition of Serbian duo of Dav and Solo.

2ez started on the T side on Entity’s map choice Inferno and went for a B fake. Entity were sold on the fake but a brilliant 3k from Solo at pit salvaged the round for Entity. The CT side got one more round on board and looked like getting the first real gun round as well, with a 2k from Dav on the B defence.

But, 2ez immediately switched up their focus and went for an A take, which ultimately saw them grab their first round and Dav save his AWP. A couple of B takes thereafter, saw 2ez take the lead before Entity bounced back with a solid defence of their A site as the Ts attempted a Patient A split.

2ez started with their unrelenting aggression and raced to a 7-3 lead with some fiery shots from Rexy, which compelled Entity to take a tactical timeout. HellRanger and Excali stepped up to the mark in the rounds after. The former Entity IGL shut down the B take with a 2k while Excali defended an Ultra late A hit with a 3k to facilitate a mini bounce-back.

But, Rexy weaved the Deagle with some immaculate precision, opening up the B site and ensuring 2ez go into the halfway mark with a lead, at the very least. With just 5 rounds on the board, Entity stepped up, defending the A site on the ensuing rounds to finish the half 7-8.

Entity hit the B site on the pistol with success to level the scoreline. Two more rounds were added by Entity as 2ez resorted to quasi buys with little impact. Antidote though, came up huge with a 3k on the B site to get one round back for 2ez.

The CT side’s economy was soon reset though, with Entity successfully executing an A site take. With the score poised at 12-9, Tito chose to go for the AWP, with the player having just 3 kills in the entire game upto the point. The provisionary 2ez IGL came up huge at A with a 4k and a couple of crazy shots to push 2ez to double figures.

Via SoStronk

Entity though, soon cracked the 2ez code, who resorted to some off-timed pushes and passive positioning. The Ts exploited the very gameplay to run up the rounds and secure their own map choice Inferno, 16-10.

Nuke began with a similar tone, with Entity notching up the pistol round and running to a 3-0 lead. 2ez landed their first round on Nuke with a brilliant defence of the Ramp area but were immediately pegged back with a brilliant lower fake from Entity.

Facing a potential reset, Antidote came up with a 2k at ramps while under pressure from the Ts as Tito pitched in as well to ensure their economy is not broken. 2ez notched up two more rounds before it looked like Entity had broken the streak with Poki facing a 1v3 retake situation at A.

Poki though, delivered and how, ensuring 2ez continue their upsurge. Solo made sure 2ez did not run away with the half, converting a 1v2 to nab Entity’s fifth round of the map. 2ez went on to add two more rounds before Entity getting their own couple of rounds on the board, with HellRanger coming alive in the last round with a 4k at Upper bombsite.

Entity made it 4/4 on pistol rounds as 2ez were unable to guard their Lower plant. Entity soon raced to 12-8 and Excali made sure 2ez did not mount any sort of a comeback, with a 3k to extend Entity’s lead.

Antidote was faced with a 1v2 situation to avoid Grand Finale point but could not convert it, thanks to a brilliant defence from Solo, which helped close out Nuke 16-8 and the series 2-0.

Entity’s win came mostly through their calculated playstyle. They did not let 2ez’s random and unbridled aggression throw them off course and stuck to the plan. On Inferno, it was more a case of exploiting 2ez’s off-timed aggression and passive defence.

On Nuke though, it was the staple Outer hit and when on the CT side, their defence had so many layers with good rotation and utility usage, something that really stood Entity apart from 2ez throughout the series.

2ez though, should not be too disheartened. They were forced to make a late change, with the lineup not being allowed to field BadMan, who has recently returned to the active 5-man roster, with Falken making way. They dealt with it well and could have stretched it to three maps had they been a bit more consistent or calculated with their CT side aggression on Inferno.

With the win, Entity nab the available slot in the ESL Pro League Asia Closed Qualifiers. But, it remains to be seen what lineup they will field in the Qualifiers.. HellRanger and psy played their last event under the Entity banner. The duo is now benched and Amaterasu will return to the active lineup along with other changes, which the organization should reveal in due time.

Photo via Entity Gaming

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