Elige talks about CSGO cheaters in North America

Once proclaimed as North America’s best, Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski had a phenomenal year, arguably the best season in his career. Elige began his trophy hunt with Liquid from IBuyPower Masters 2019 and didn’t slow down until IEM Chicago.

In his last Tweet. EliGE spoke about the cheaters in North America matchmaking. Hackers have been a persistent problem for a prolonged period and Valve is being criticized for their inability to control these cheaters. Although with recent changes to the VAC software we are seeing notable improvement.

In his Tweet, ELiGE explains how one is forced to face a hacker in 9 out of their 10 matchmaking games. He compares NA’s current situation to Europe and says that number of cheaters there is far less.

Reporting is the only option available for players to force Valve into noticing them. People frustrated with poor servers tick rate and improper anti-cheat system are resorting to third party services like FACEIT and ESEA. Those services are chargeable but players get a much better anti-cheat system and 128 tick servers in return.

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