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Ehome qualifies for Group Stage of The International 6

Ehome qualifies for Group Stage of the International 6 after defeating Escape Gaming in the upper bracket round 2 of wild card qualifiers.

The team also pushed down Execration to the lower bracket in their first game with a score of 2-1. Ehome lost the first game and came back strong in next two games allowing them to move to the second round.

After being placed in the top 6 position of TI5 were pushed back down to the wild card after losing to VG.Reborn in the regional Chinese qualifiers. The Chinese lineup has now proved themselves that they hold the potential to participate at TI.

The match between Ehome and Escape gaming was a slow pace game. Escape gaming were not able to hold against Iceiceice’s naga siren in the later stages of the game. Game 2 concluded with an Anti-Mage pick which is merely regarded as a strong counter to int hero’s such as Storm Spirit, at min 30 iceiceice’s Anti-Mage was almost unkillable and it lead to Ehome’s victory and secured them a slot at the International 6.

Ehome will be taking the Slot of Group B which will include the team which they lost to in the regional qualifiers i.e VG.Reborn.

Escape Gaming still have one last chance to qualify by beating  Execration in the lower bracket.

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Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
Being following the esports scene for past 5 years as a player a.k.a Arrow, Vishal has worked with top-notch eSports organization as a writer. Arrow's vision is to provide worthy content to the community to improve with all the resources available at the disposal. Love's travelling and covering eSports events on the go!
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