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Group A opening match

Astralis and Furia locked horns with each other on Nuke. The match was a test for both the teams; could Astralis prove that they are the champions on Nuke or could Furia dethrone them. The game kicked off on Nuke after the following vetoes where the Danes began on the defensive side.


  • Astralis removed Train
  • FURIA removed Dust2
  • Astralis removed Vertigo
  • FURIA removed Inferno
  • Astralis removed Mirage
  • FURIA removed Overpass
  • Nuke was left over

The Brazilians kicked off the attacking side with an amazing pistol round and survived the force-buy scare and picked up the first three rounds. The Danes were just warming up and put a full stop on Furia’s antics and picked up 5 rounds in a row. The game continued in its neck to neck fashion and the half ending in Astralis’ favour with an 8-7 scoreline.

As the half changed, Astralis changed completely and pushed the gas by stringing 5 rounds together before the Brazilians pulled the breaks on the Danish dominations and pulled back the game to a scoreline of 15-14 following a critical 1v2 clutch by KSCERATO in their favour after trailing from 14-9.

Photo via ECS

In the end, the Brazilians upset Astralis on Nuke with a scoreline of 16-14 thanks to heroics by KSCERATO who starred with 29 frags coupled with 2 assists and 17 deaths and a rating of 1.42.

Group B opening match

Next, up, compLexity squared up with Vitality. The North-Americans were hot off a roster change and brought in oBo, a 15-year-old player, who replaced stanislaw and dephh became the shot caller for the team. The French team looked to continue their string of goods results after a playoff run at DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 and winning cs_summit 4.

The games played on Dust-2 where compLexity began on the attacking side after the following vetoes:

  • Complexity removed Overpass
  • Vitality removed Train
  • Complexity removed Nuke
  • Vitality removed Inferno
  • Complexity removed Mirage
  • Vitality removed Vertigo
  • Dust2 was left over

oBo looked to make his mark in the books of Counter-Strike and did so correctly with 4 kills to kick off the round. Riding on the oBo wave, compLexity secured the first 3 rounds for themselves before a force-buy gambit from Vitality caught them off guard, putting the score at 3-1. The game continued in its back to back fashion and the scores were tied at 5-5. From there, compLexity looked lost on the attacking side and did not convert a single round. Vitality took the lead on the half with a 10-5 scoreline.

compLexity showed signs of a comeback by pulling back the pistol round and the following anti-eco. However, that is when Zywoo and co. put the final nail in the coffin and restricted compLexity to only 7 rounds in the game and won the map with a scoreline of 16-7. Welcome to the Zwyoo show!. The young gun shined with a rating of 1.33 in the game and topped the kills leader board with 21 kills and 10 deaths.

Group B opening match

The last BO1 was played between MIBR and North. MIBR looked to restart their era of dominance and North looked to show promise with Valde taking the IGL role and adding JUGi to take over the big green.

The game kicked off on Inferno with MIBR taking up the role of defenders. The vetoes were:

  • North removed Mirage
  • MIBR removed Dust2
  • North removed Vertigo
  • MIBR removed Nuke
  • North removed Train
  • MIBR removed Overpass
  • Inferno was left over

The game kicked off with North picking up the pistol round and converting the following force buy round with a bit of struggle, without multiple survivors. However, North conceded the next round making the score 2-1 in the Danish favor. However, the Brazilians had just stepped foot in the server and decimated the Danes round by round and picked up 12 rounds in a row in total to make the score 12-2. North looked to redeem themselves and picked up the last round, ending the half with a scoreline of 12-3.

It looked like North had run out of luck as MIBR won the pistol and the following anti-eco from North, putting them two rounds away from match point. However, North mounted a ridiculous comeback and pushed the game from 14-3 to 15-15 and forced overtime.

It took the game 3 overtime sessions to be able to decide a winner of the game. The first overtime session ended at 18-18 and the second at 21-21. However, North ran away with the game in the last overtime session with a scoreline of 25-23.

Group A winners’ match

The group A’s winners’ match saw NRG take on Furia in a Best of Three Series where the North Americans grabbed a confident win against the dangerous Brazilians. The game was to be played on Train and Nuke, without the need of a third map.

The vetoes were:

  • NRG removed Inferno
  • FURIA removed Dust2
  • NRG picked Train
  • FURIA picked Nuke
  • NRG removed Vertigo
  • FURIA removed Mirage
  • Overpass was left over


  • NRG win Train (16:13)
  • NRG win Nuke (16:9)

The first map, Train, was picked by NRG which saw them beginning strong by picking up the first three rounds in a row before Furia tied things up and added another round to their tally. NRG kept coming hard and took the half in convincing fashion with a scoreline of 9-6.

Furia converted the pistol and was not able to hold their ground as NRG took the next six rounds, pushing them to match point at 15-7. Furia looked to survive the loss and pulled back two rounds before NRG ended the first map with a scoreline of 16-13.

The last map was Nuke where Furia showed their strength. They kicked off the CT side in style with the first three rounds before NRG tied up the game at 4-4. After that, it looked like the North American team was running away with the gamer and extended their lead to 9-6 at the end of the half.

As the sides switched, it became really hard for Furia to get rounds on the board who only picked three rounds in total in the second half before NRG clinched the series with a scoreline of 16-9. With this victory, NRG have secured their playoff berth.

Group B winners’ match

The last game of the day was played between Vitality and North with the victor moving onto the playoffs of the event. North emerged victorious in the three map affair and the successful reverse sweep sees them sealing their playoff spot.


  • Vitality removed Train
  • North removed Vertigo
  • Vitality picked Nuke
  • North picked Inferno
  • Vitality removed Overpass
  • North removed Mirage
  • Dust2 was left over


  • Vitality win Nuke 16:13
  • North win Inferno 16:11
  • North win Dust 2 16:7

The first map of the series was Nuke where Vitality kicked off the attacking side by securing the first 5 rounds in convincing fashion. However, North was able to the force-buy round thanks to a brilliant anchor role played by JUGi who made the Desert Eagle and picked three vital frags and North secured their first of the series.For the rest of the half, the French hommes struggled to add multiple rounds on board and North edged past Vitality with a scoreline of 8-7.

As the sides changed, Vitality was able to draw the score at 11-11 as the game proceeded in its neck to neck fashion. The French rallied together and went onto map point at 15-12. The Danes were able to add another map on board before the French closed out the map at 16-13.

The second map was Inferno where North showed good footing by picking up the first 2 rounds as CT’s before Vitality responded with one of their own. Vitality struggled to find rounds as North picked up 7 rounds while Vitality sat on 2 rounds. Vitality stringed out 5 rounds till the end of the half, putting them at 7 rounds while North tipped past them with 8.

On the Terrorist side, North took charge of proceedings with a 4 round streak which Vitality broke with one of their own rounds. North limited Vitality to only 4 rounds in the second half and closed out the game with a scoreline of 16-11.

The last map of the day was Dust 2, North began on the CT side with the first two rounds in their favor. They conceded the first buy round to the French but propelled themselves to 4 rounds. The game was tied at 6-6 and North steered clear and put the score to 9-6 in their favor.

As the sides switched, they restricted Vitality to only round and emerged victorious with a scoreline of 16-7 in the BO3 series. They have sealed their playoff spot with that win.

In the remaining games:

Astralis will take on NiP in the elimination bracket. The winner of the game will play Furia in a BO3 series to decide the last playoff spot in Group A

MIBR will take on Complexity in the elimination bracket. The winner of the game will play Vitality in a BO3 series to decide the last playoff spot in Group B.

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