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How to Complete EA FC 24 Bradley Barcola Path to Glory SBC

Dominate the Pitch with Barcola's Upgradable Card

The EA FC 24 Bradley Barcola Path to Glory SBC is an exciting opportunity for Ultimate Team players to enhance their squads with a potentially powerful card. This guide will walk you through all the tasks, the cheapest solutions, and additional tips to complete this Squad Building Challenge (SBC) efficiently.

What is the Bradley Barcola Path to Glory SBC?

The Bradley Barcola Path to Glory SBC is now live in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, offering players a chance to earn a special Path to Glory (PTG) card for Bradley Barcola. PTG cards are unique because they receive upgrades if the player’s nation fulfills certain stipulations in upcoming events, making them highly sought after.

Why You Should Complete This SBC

Completing this SBC will reward you with a 94-rated RW item that can also operate at LW, ST, and RM positions, providing great versatility for your team. Additionally, France has a strong chance of performing well in upcoming events, which means Barcola’s PTG card could receive significant boosts. This makes the card a valuable asset for your squad.

Tasks to Complete

The SBC consists of two segments, both of which are relatively straightforward and do not require any Team of the Season (TOTS) or Team of the Week (TOTW) cards.

Task 1: France

  • Requirements:
    • Minimum 1 player from France
    • Minimum Team Rating: 87

Task 2: Ligue 1

  • Requirements:
    • Minimum 1 player from Ligue 1 Uber Eats
    • Minimum Team Rating: 88

Cheapest Solutions

To complete the SBC most efficiently, you can buy the cheapest players available during the ongoing Path to Glory promo. The overall expected cost to complete the SBC is around 177,000 coins. Here are some tips to minimize your expenditure:

  1. Monitor the Market: Keep an eye on player prices and buy during market dips.
  2. Use Untradeables: Utilize untradeable players from your club that meet the requirements.
  3. Sniping: Try sniping players at lower prices during peak hours.
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