Dust2 Removed From CSGO’s Map Pool

csgo dust2

Anubis has replaced Dust 2, the most famous map in Counter Strike and FPS, from the active map pool of CS:GO.

Anubis and Dust 2 can still be played in casual, deathmatch and competitive modes. However, Dust 2 has been removed from the active pool so that it cannot be played at the professional level. Anyone looking for Dust 2 in the active pool will not be able find it.

This change occurs shortly after the conclusion to the IEM Rio Major. Outsiders won it. The active maps will be affected by the changes. This means that Dust 2 won’t be played at the next major. Anubis will. The Major is only a few months away, and Anubis is the first time Anubis was added to the pro map pool, so there is a high likelihood that not many teams will be able to play the map. Instead, they will ban it from most games.

Although Dust 2 is a classic map in FPS history it has seen some changes in and CS:GO over the years. It will remain the preferred map for casual players, but it is becoming less popular at the highest level. Even the redesign of a few years back didn’t change this.

Although there is not word yet on whether Dust 2 will undergo a rework, recent rumours suggest that Mirage and Dust 2 will both be subject to reworks as Source 2 switches to Source 2. It’s possible that it won’t happen, even though players have waited for this change for years.

Valve also reduced the number of bullets in its AWP sniper rifle from seven to five. This will have a significant impact on how the weapon can be used in certain situations. The M4A1S-S has been reduced in damage at close range. This is a result of it becoming the CT weapon choice in recent months.