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DRX secure their second Valorant Champions playoff

The fourth day of Valorant Champions 2022 went underway today, with the Third NA team XSET taking on the APAC no. 2 XERXIA, followed by the VCT Masters Copenhagen winners FunPlus Phoenix taking on the SA LCQ winners KRU Esports. The day concludes with a qualification match between 100 Thieves and DRX. 

Day 4 (3rd September) Valorant Champions 2022 Istanbul Results:

GroupTeam 1Team 2
CFPX20KRU esports
DDRX100 Thieves
Match 1 XSET vs. XERXIA esports (Group C):

The seed two from NA and APAC faced each other in the opening match of Group C, with XSET taking on XERXIA esports, with both teams trying to outplay each other to make their first international playoff. 

The match started on Fracture with XERXIA starting strong on attack, winning five out of the starting seven rounds, but XSET came back strong, winning the last five rounds to win the half 7-5. 

The second half was a complete back and forth with no team stringing more than two rounds, and it seemed XERXIA would bring it back, but a 1v1 win by BcJ in the final round helped XSET secure the first map in regulation. 

XERXIA’s Icebox started a constant tussle for domination, but no team could take a decisive lead with the half closing at 7-5 in favor of XSET.

The defensive half seemed to be going well for XERXIA as they equalized the score and had strong momentum, but a thrifty from XSET helped them turn the tides to win four rounds in a row, eventually close the map 13-10, winning the series 2-0.

XERXIA face yet another group stage exit, while XSET winning their first international game will be one win away from making it to the Valorant Champions Playoffs.

Match 2 FunPlus Phoenix vs. KRU esports (Group C):

The defending champions FPX came into the Valorant Champions with a desire to become a team to lift two international trophies. Along with Optic Gaming, FPX is the only team with a chance to do it. KRU themselves will be willing to upset yet another powerhouse to qualify for the Valorant Champions Playoffs. 

The FPX/KRU brawl started with Icebox, and it seemed the defending Champions were out of the groove. It seemed KRU would run away with the first map, with them winning the first map 9-3.

But the 9-3 curse kicked in the second half, and FPX started to string together the rounds repeating the KRU feat on the attack to force overtime. 

The Overtime FPX successfully defended the sites, and a strong attack helped them make a successful comeback. With the DRX win yesterday, the 9-3 curse seems to be going strong again. 

KRU started the FPX’s map pick of Bind with a 0-1 map deficit and, despite a slow start, won four rounds in a row after a 1-3 start to eventually close the half on a two-round advantage. 

FPX on defense on the back of a strong performance from Shao, Zyppan, and Suygetsu helped them defend strong limiting KRU to only three rounds to close out the map 13-10 and win the game 2-0 after a strong comeback. 

With this victory, FPX is off to the qualifiers and will play XSET for a chance for qualification, while KRU will play XERXIA in an elimination match. 

Match 3 DRX vs. 100 Thieves (Group D):

The Korean giants DRX today had a chance again to make it to the playoffs, and it will be their second Valorant Champions playoff if they win over the new and young 100 Thieves, who are hot off an upset over Fnatic. 

The first map in the battle was Breeze, chosen by 100 Thieves. But it seemed DRX was in complete control of the map, winning seven out of the nine rounds, but 100 thieves recovered well in the end on the back of strong performance from bang to close the half 5-7

The second half started with 100 Thieves on the attack, completely decimating DRX’s defense and reaching map point, but DRX won the three rounds after close clutches to force overtime.

The overtime started with both teams exchanging and clutching rounds. But a strong post-plant defense in the fifth from DRX won them the attack round. A strong A site defense helped them close the first map 17-15. 

DRX’s fracture picks started strong for them, where they managed to win two starting rounds, and 100 Thieves answered back with two of their own. DRX on the attack then completely dissected the 100 Thieves defense to win the half 9-3.

100 Thieves on attack started strong despite losing the pistol, and the third round strung together five rounds to worry the DRX side. But a thrifty win from DRX completely shifted the momentum, and DRX closed the map 13-9. 

DRX have now qualified for their second Valorant Champions, and 100 Thieves will have to face the winner of Fnatic/Furia in an elimination match. The elimination matches start tomorrow with the first match between BOOM and ZETA.

GroupTimeTeam 1Team 2
B03:00 PM TRT GMT +03:00BOOM esportsZETA division
A06:00 PM TRT GMT +03:00EDward GamingTeam Liquid

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