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DRX Dominates VCT Korea to Qualify for Copenhagen

Valorant Champions Tour Korea Challengers concluded today with the defending champions DRX continuing their winning ways. Winning against MARU Gaming in the finals, DRX qualified for VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

With this, DRX has now become the three-time international representative of Korea.

DRX started their VCT Korea Challengers journey in the Group stage, where they dominated their competition, finishing the group stage with a 7-0 record without dropping a single map. The finished the group stage with a 186/98 round win-loss difference. 

Coming into the playoffs as the tournament favourite and the top seed Dragon X (DRX), played their opening match against Worth Game Star. They started strong by winning the game 2-0 with scores of 13-7 and 13-2. 

Now facing the force of Damwon Gaming in the Upper finals, DRX dwindled a bit in the first map against t3xture and co. But managed to close out the first map 13-8 and the second map 13-10, winning the game 2-0. 

DRX was matched up in the finals against Maru gaming, dominating teams in their lower bracket run. The two teams faced each other on lan, starting the action on Maru Gaming’s Split. 

Starting on the attack, DRX barraged through Maru gaming’s defence, winning the first half of the game 9-3. The second half was the same story, where DRX managed to defend well, only losing the third bonus round and efficiently closing out the first map 13-4. 

The second map, Haven, started with DRX on the attack, and they managed to find loops in the MARU defence to win the first half 8-4. With MARU attacking in the second half, they managed to string a few rounds together, but DRX regained control of the map and closed out the game 13-9 before things got out of their hands. 

Now 2-0 up, DRX started the third map of Ascent on attack and continued their domination by winning the first half 9-3. On defence, they completely stopped MARU Gaming’s attack, winning the game 13-3, closing out the series 3-0 to win the VCT Korea Challengers and qualify for the VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

DRX, ex-Vision Strikers, are the same team with a 108-0 record in Valorant and have been a constant force in the Korean scene. With a solid performance at VCT Masters Reykjavik, this time around, they’d try to consummate their run and win it all.

DRX become the final team from Asia at VCT Masters Copenhagen along with Paper Rex, Xerxia and Northeption. 

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