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Top Players From Week 1 Of BGMS Week 1

The first week of BGMI Masters Series 2022 ended with some intense gameplay on the battlefield. BGIS 2021 winners, Skylightz Gaming got their momentum back on the third day and climbed to the top spot after securing two chicken dinners in a row. Team Enigma Forever, led by one of the oldest BGMI players ‘Owais’ also had a good day on the battleground.

Although, BGMI is a team game where each squad battles to be the last surviving one amongst all the teams. Individual performance also makes an impact on the team’s results. We have brought you the best player from week one that made it to the top of the awards in BGMI Masters Series 2022

1. TEAM XO Fierce

As the name says, Fierce displayed aggressiveness on the battlefield and was rewarded the MVP of the first week. He managed to get 15 finishes out of the 8 matches played in three days. He also dealt damage of 2962 which helped him become the most valuable player.


The player with great reflexes, Destro dominated week one from the first day. He won the eliminator title and 25,000 INR as a reward for taking the highest number of finishes. He took 20 finishes and dealt overall damage of 1982 points.


While talking in an interview Jonathan said, “It’s like I’m lacking in confidence these days. But once it’s back. You guys know what’s gonna happen. Just wait and watch”. At the end of the day, Jonathan earned one reward in the event. He won the damager title and 25,000 INR as a reward for dealing the highest number of damage.

4. TEAM SOUL Hector

Every squad needs a player that could help them in the worst time. Hector was one of the players that helped his teammates by giving them the highest number of revives. He revived his teammates 8 times and took 1824 damage for his team.

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