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DRX defeat FPX to qualify for Valorant Masters Copenhagen Playoffs

The first match of day 3 with the Korean Giants DRX taking on the EMEA’s second seed and the winner of the FPX/XERXIA game. 

DRX came from a strong statement after their first match, where they destroyed Northeption. At the same time, FPX edged out XERXIA to win the game and come to the upper bracket. 

The winner of the game would book their ticket to the playoffs after Guild yesterday. 

The map veto started with DRX banning Split, A map they don’t play, and FPX banning Bind, DRX’s strong map. With the first pick, DRX chose their comfort pick Haven, and FPX chose Fracture. 

The teams chose to ban Ascent and Icebox, each other’s strong pick to end on Breeze. 

Starting on Haven, DRX started strong, with Rb’s operator reigning supreme over FPX, But FPX stayed strong with Shao clutching to bring FPX back to win three consecutive rounds. 

DRX answered back, winning three of their own, but the last round went in FPX’s favour with Shao’s clutch.

The second half started well for FPX, with them outplaying and shutting off DRX’s attack. 

FPX lost only one round in half, and Shao’s heroics helped them close the game 13-9.

The second map fracture started well for FPX, where they won the first two rounds, but DRX’s pacy attacks caught them off-guard, and DRX pulled off a thrifty to win their first rounds and then the next six rounds to close the half 9-3. 

The second half started well for DRX on defence, but their aggression didn’t stop, eventually closing the game 13-6 to force a third map.

Breeze started in FPX’s favour with them winning the pistol and the follow-up, but DRX came in blasting through to win five rounds in a row and, despite the resistance, managed to close out the first half 9-3. 

The DRX domination continued on defence, with them only letting three more rounds slip to win the map 13-6 and the game 2-1. 

DRX have now proved they are as good as any other team in the tournament and have qualified for the main event. FPX performed great and would play the winner of the XERXIA/Northeption game. 

You can read about the results, format and schedule for the tournament, venue, ticketing, and the teams participating and where to watch the stream here. 

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