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Valorant: Ion Phantom returns in the new Run It Back Bundle

The 'Run It Back' Valorant skin bundle has been revealed and it looks like this new bundle will feature a range of over-the-hill skins.

New Leaks have been dropped by ValorLeaks on Twitter ahead of the upcoming Episode Two, including new Valorant Run It Back skins along with the brand new Battle Pass.

With Patch 5.01 shaking up the meta with changes to Yoru and Phoenix, Valorant is set to introduce a new ‘Run it Back’ bundle which will feature some iconic weapon cosmetics from the previous iterations of skin lines released as a part of the in-game items. The Run it Back bundle is packed with fan-favorite weapon skins including the Ion Phantom. 

The new ‘Run It Back’ skin bundle was revealed by ValorLeaks on Twitter and will be dispatched into the game as a part of the 5.01 patch update. 

Valorant Run It Back Bundle v3 cost and details

Priced at 5946 Valorant Points, this bundle will feature 5 weapons which include and the list is as follows:

  • Radiant crisis 001 Bucky
  • Ion Phantom
  • Ego Stinger
  • Magepunk Operator
  • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Classic  

Although the bundle will not be featuring a Melee knife, the bundle has quite secured positive feedback from the community thanks to the Ion Phantom which has finally made its way to the bundle after having topped the charts as one of the most unique Phantom skins. 

The individual pricing of the above items has been set to 1775 Valorant Points.

The Run It Back skin bundle will come out with the 5.01 patch update which also ships a plethora of agent changes to KAY/O, Phoenix, and Yoru along with a smurf detection system that would now match newer accounts similar to the skill levels as to those of others. The latter is currently being tested in the North American region.

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