DreamHack Malmö 2016 groups drawn

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DreamHack have announced the groups for the upcoming $250,000 DreamHack Masters Malmö, taking place from April 12-17 in the Malmö Arena.

The groups will have four teams battling out in each group in a best-of-one, where the final decider match would be played in a best-of-three.

DreamHack Malmo 2016

The first three days will be played off stage in the Malmö arena, but covered by the broadcast team from DreamHack’s studios in Stockholm, which means everyone will get a day off on Friday before the playoffs begin, as shown in the full schedule further below.

The tournament will be played in the Malmo arena from 12th to 17th April with Friday being a day off before the playoffs commences. Here are the groups inclusive of both qualified and invited teams for the DreamHack Masters Malmo.

Groups drawn

Group A: Luminosity, Liquid, Mouseposrts, Tyloo
Group B: Na’Vi, G2, CLG, Godsent
Group C: Astralis, NiP, Dignitas, Lounge gaming,
Group D: Virtus.Pro, EnVyUs, Tempo Storm, FaZe

Official Trailer

A week prior to the $250,000 tournament it has been announced that fnatic would miss the tournament due to Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer’s arm injury, and G2 will fill up their slot. With fnatic leading the charts at the HLTV.org’s list of world’s best Counter Strike: Global Offensive team, Luminosity has a great chance of overtaking the Swedes and get themselves the crown.


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