HLTV.org’s list of team world ranking promotes Luminosity ahead of VP, Navi, NiP, EnVyUs and Astralis

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The HLTV’s module of listing the world’s best Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been updated and Luminosity, the Brazilian powerhouse have now managed to beat some of the world’s best known organizations including the swedes, Ninjas In Pyjamas, Polish lineup Virtus.Pro, the Ukranian stomped Natus Vincere and the danish Astralis (ex-TSM).

Following the fascinating performance at the majors, MLG Columbus 2016, Luminosity earned ton loads of respect and (not-to-forget) cash. Two back-to-back impressive performances where they went through the semis of a grand major, Katowice 2016, where the world best fnatic managed to defeat them and conquered the title. Despite having lost to fnatic even in this majors, FalleN and co. thrashed almost all the heavyweights and made their way to finals to beat Na’Vi comfortably convincing with a 2-0 in a best-of-3 grand finals.

Picture courtesy: HLTV.org
Picture courtesy: HLTV.org

The ranking however is in a way technically analysed which would put the top tier teams to shame as Luminosity has beat each of those to compete and fight the elite, fnatic for their spot.

The CS:GO world team rankings are:

  1. fnatic
  2. Luminosity
  3. Natus Vincere
  4. Astralis
  5. Virtus.Pro
  6. EnVyUs
  7. Ninjas In Pyjamas
  8. G2
  9. Liquid
  10. mousesports
  11. Dignitas
  12. CLG
  13. Cloud9
  14. TempoStorm
  15. FaZe

In Columbus, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and his men were not able beat the Swedes (fnatic) however went through the Major with wins against mousesports, NiP, Virtus.pro, Liquid, lastly Natus Vincere, the last group being their opponent in the consistent battle for second place.

The most disappointed organization in the list above from my opinion is EnVyUs, which does have potential but aren’t able to perform well and despite their major wins against fnatic and french rivals Titan, they under-performed.

We will wait to see, how good the Brazilian squad proves out to be after beating all the world’s best teams but fnatic. The future of the Brazilians seems bright.

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