Dr Disrespect thinks BF6 may outshine Warzone

dr disrespect optic gaming

Battlefield 6 is right around the edge and a new Battle Royale is only a matter of time, Dr. Disrespect who has been a fervent Warzone player has publicly backed the possibility of BF6 taking the lion’s share of the BR market over Warzone.

Battlefield V yielded mixed reactions from fans when it dropped back in 2018, most of which was due to the less appreciated Battle Royale in Firestorm. Though fans let the EA off the hook for underdelivering on their first attempt at a proper Battle Royale. With Battlefield 6 on the way, EA has set high expectations for the future of one of their flagship game.

“EA and Activision have always gone back and forth competing directly in the FPS genre.” With a new BR, Doc believes it has the potential to compete directly with Warzone.” “I’m excited because their engine, with all the tools and tech they have in place. They could do something pretty incredible if they put everything into it,” said Dr. Disrespect.

No specifics about the future BR have been shared by EA, but rest assured that eventually there will be leaks leading up to the launch event. EA’s last attempt ended up far from how they expected but on the bright side, they get another chance at fixing it with Battlefield 6.

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