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Dr Disrespect goes bald for Hitman 3 playthrough

Dr. Disrespect getting banned from Twitch was arguably the biggest controversy of the past year, no definite reason has surfaced to date making it all the more mysterious. The sudden ban kept Doc away from streaming for a long time, but all of this didn’t stop him from establishing his business on YouTube.

The Doctor hit the ground running on YouTube and was back in full force in no time. Ever since the ban, his fans were extremely supportive of him that helped cement his place on Google’s platform, which explains his gratitude towards them. Ever since his streaming days, he has turned to a variety of games to keep the environment fresh in his streams and his audience free of boredom.

His recent ventures lie in playing through Hitman 3. IO Interactive’s flagship game revolves around an assassin who goes by the name Agent 47. The distinguishing features of Agent 47 include a suit with a red tie, a clean shaved head with a barcode above his nape. Dr Disrespect seemed to have taken a liking to his hairstyle and has been donning a bald head in his version of the Agent 47 cosplay.

This unique look has been picked up by Doc to entertain his fans, having long hair for all these years only to have all of it shaved in a whiff, caught everyone’s attention. To think that he can go this distance to entertain his fans speaks to his appreciation for them. Hitman 3 already has the world excited given how good its prequels were, and to have its story unfolded by Doc makes it all the more exciting.

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