Dr Disrespect doesn’t want TikTok on his feed

Photo Via Dr Disrespect Twitter

Ever since the launch of Tik-Tok(formerly Musical.ly) in 2017, the application has brute-forced its way up to the top of the download charts. While teenagers and millennials, who form its major userbase are very fond of the elements of the application, the number of people who despise this app is profuse, one of them being Dr Disrespect.

Lately, there has been a surge in the number of influencers who are hopping into this Tik-Tok bandwagon and the Doctor isn’t taking this in a very blissful way. In his tweet made on 13th February, he publicly requested other influencers to quit Tik Tok, thus expressing his disgust towards it, and we can’t blame him because, to be honest, few of them are quite cringy.

Few prominent steamers like Pokimane were into this and her videos blew up considerably.

“I’m not a supporter of putting out shit content just because. There are agencies out there, that really encourage their influences to do these types of things. They don’t recognize how some of these things can actually impact brands in a negative way. Particularly influencers and their brands. I feel like they pressure them just a little bit. And it’s just fucking pathetic!” said Dr Disrespect in his stream.

Ninja is one of such influencers to have turned to Tik Tok for additional content. While some community members found it hilarious, others weren’t particularly very supportive of his decision.

The application keeps on growing day by day and so does it’s userbase along with its haters. As long as the platform provides an enormous viewer base for content, celebrities are more likely to turn to it for further growth of their stature as a hypebeast.