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The International viewer peak has tripled in the past four years

The analytical portal Esports Charts has published a new infographic showing how the dynamics of views of The International has changed since 2017. For example, the peak viewership rate for broadcasts have increased by about three times, and the number of hours of viewing have increased by two and a half times. Compared to the previous championship ( TI9 ), the figures have increased by about 40% and 20%, respectively.

The International 10  took place from October 7 to 17 in the Romanian capital, Bucharest. The venue for the final stage of the tournament was the stadium “Arena Naţională”. The total prize pool of the Event was $ 40 018 195. Russia, Russia, RU  Team Spirit with the score 3: 2  beat composition China, China, CN  PSG.LGD  in the grand final of the tournament earned 18.2 million US dollars.

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