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The International 9 sets new record for DotA 2 Twitch viewership

The International 2019 was DotA 2’s biggest event ever, leaving behind both viewer numbers and prize pool of any major DotA 2 event so far. TI is an annual Dota 2 tournament where top 18 best teams in world battle for one of the biggest achievements as well as the prize pool in eSports, and ofcourse the honor of lifting the Aegis of Champions.

It is widely considered to be one of the biggest events in all of esports, and this year’s prize pool $32 million left behind the maximum prize pool of a single eSports event (30 Million, Fortnite World Cup).

The International 2019 broke many records at once, one of them being the biggest prize pool and other being the highest viewership. The esports chart confirmed that 1.96 million people tuned in to watch The International 2019, 1.21 Million was the previous record set by Ti 2018.

This viewership only counts the viewers from outside of China, Asian stats are not so easy to get and are not that accurate but since the event was hosted in Shanghai and DotA being most popular game in the country pretty sure it was a big hit there as well.

DotA 2 being very popular and most played game, yet falls short of the viewership record set by Fortnite (2.33 million viewers) and League of Legends (2.05 million viewers).

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