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Twitch bans several accounts for unauthorized CSGO Berlin Major streaming

The Dota 2 Ti views went up to a million this year, and we expect the same from the csgo community.

The CSGO community on twitch is experiencing an unusual ban wave as the popular broadcasters are having their channel taken down whilst the StarLadder Major.

The 2nd Major of this year has some good hype to see their favourite teams play some quality CS. And the twitch community is giving their share by tuning in with their fans to share this huge a moment.

But numerous copyright strikes are stopping this from happening, many streamers were taken down by the DMCA.

The second Major of 2019 has a lot of viewers hyped to see the biggest CSGO teams don the stage once again. As various storylines will undoubtedly unfold, Twitch streamers are tuning in to share the biggest moments with their audiences.

But it seems like copyright strikes are stopping these channels in their tracks, as numerous streamers are pointing to DMCA takedowns from StarLadder as the reason for the unexpected bans.

While StarLadder did a great effort at bringing their streams tuned into thousands of viewers on Twitch and GOTV.

But, Twitch streamers tuned into the GOTV Version in-game, major twitch streamers like Erik ‘fl0m’ Flom, Andre ‘nooky’ Utesch, and more have been banned, apparently with no reason given, after streaming the StarLadder Major on their channels.

Full list of banned CSGO streamers

  • mch_AGG
  • pelaajatco
  • nookyyy
  • 1ukeofficial
  • maleK_CSGO
  • gabepeixe
  • dimaoneshot
  • viperdemon
  • mchfps
  • Ryu7z

The tournament organizers themselves have it written in their StarLadder Major 2019 Official Rulebook and Regulations that they have all broadcasting rights including “video streams (e.g. PoV streams), radio streams, GOTV, replays, demos or TV broadcasts.”

In fact, The IEM Katowice had the same kind of Stipulation but they didn’t much enforce it on a huge community.

In StarLadder’s case, they’ve been handing crucial DMCAs to channels that Twitch has no choice but to oblige by. Although some streamers are saying that these harsh strikes to their channels came with no notice.


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