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The International 2019 Main Event Guide

The International 2019 is underway in Shanghai, China from 15th-25th August 2019.

The group stage of the event was held from 15th-18thAugust 2019.

18 participating teams were divided into 2 groups of 9 each. The top 4 from each group, would qualify for the upper bracket of the playoffs, the next 4 would start the playoffs in the lower bracket, while we bid adieu to the last 2 teams in the group stage.

The group stage saw us part ways with Chaos Esports Club and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The action now moves into the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, with a capacity of over 18,000.

Group stage standings:

Main event format:

Sixteen teams play in a double-elimination bracket over six days. Bracket placements are decided through group stage results. First-round Lower Bracket games are best-of-one. Grand Finals are best-of-five. All other matches are best-of-three.

Main event Schedule:

  • Main Event – Day 1 (UB Quarter Finals, LB Round 1): August 20th
  • Main Event – Day 2 (UB Quarter Finals, LB Round 2): August 21st
  • Main Event – Day 3 (UB Semi-finals, LB Round 2): August 22nd
  • Main Event – Day 4 (LB Round 3 & 4, All-Star Match): August 23rd
  • Main Event – Day 5 (UB Finals, LB Round 4 & 5): August 24th
  • Main Event – Day 6 (LB Finals, Grand Finals): August 25th

Various events are scheduled on each day of the main event as well such as the opening ceremony on 20th August, the cosplay contest, arcana vote and all-star match.

Events schedule:

You can now pick your favourite All-Star Player in the Compendium and earn Battle Points based on their performance during the match. Available now in-game.

Safe to say that the main event will be a spectacle not to be missed, if you love dota.

Shanghai is definitely ready for TI.

Day 1 of the main event will see 4 teams depart from The International 2019 and 2 teams enter the top 8.

The action resumes at 8:30 AM IST tomorrow.

The opening ceremony will precede the first game of the day.

All games can be viewed on the official DOTA2 TI channels at https://twitch.tv/dota2ti and also on https://www.steam.tv.

Players also view the matches in-game in the Dota 2 client.

Bracket predictions for the battle pass are also open.

For highlights or replays, one can visit the respective twitch channels and check out the past broadcasts.

All games are also uploaded to DOTA 2 official YouTube channel.

Do not forget to update your fantasy teams for tomorrow. You can do that either in the game or at https://www.dota2.com/fantasy.

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