The International 2019 – What You Need to Know

Are you a big Dota 2 fan? If so, then you’ve definitely stumbled upon the big tournament known as The International 2019. Basically, it’s an annual event, which is the concluding tournament of the Dota Pro Circuit. The one that is going to take place this year is the ninth edition, so you’d better get ready to place your bets.

There are many online bookmakers which you could try, but one that you will come to love is due to its reliability. Before you get into Dota 2 betting, though, knowing some information about the tournament is important, so here’s what you should know.

When Is the Event Going to Take Place?

This year, The International will start on August 20th and will end on August 25th.

Where Will the Event Happen?

After the end of the 2018 edition, an announcement has been made through a video by Weng Tiehui, the vice mayor of Shanghai, a big Chinese city.

For the first time, the tournament won’t take place on North American soil but will reside on Chinese soil instead. Basically, the chosen place for it is Shanghai, at the city’s Mercedez-Benz Arena.

Ever since 2012, the event hasn’t been held outside North America, which is why many people were surprised when hearing the announcement. Most likely, the move comes as a result of the growth in the game’s recognition in the Asian Country, as some of the top teams in the 2018 edition were Chinese.

What Is the Format?

The format is pretty simple. There will be six teams that will be qualified through Regional Qualifiers. That being said, there will be one team from South America, North America, China, Europe, CIS, and Southeast Asia.

In addition, 12 teams will be chosen through Dota Pro Circuit. So, there will be a total of 18 teams fighting to win the big prize.

Should You Bet on the Event?

If you’re a big Dota 2 adept, then using a Dota 2 bet website might be a great way for you to win some money through something you enjoy. Make sure you check the odds during the tournament, and you make wise decisions when placing bets on certain teams. This way, you will have chances to win some rewards.

Dota 2 has become big, and it’s easy to see through the events that involve it. The International 2019 is a great opportunity to win some cash through betting, so make sure you keep an eye on it.

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