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DOTA Dragon’s Blood book 3 is set to break even more hearts

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The third installment of DOTA Dragon’s Blood will complete the storylines of some of your favourite Dota 2 characters while also introducing new characters who will hopefully make their way into the game sooner rather than later.

The third season of the programme, which is set to premiere on August 11 this year, will most likely pick up soon after the epic and merciless conclusion to book two, in which the major characters’ worlds are flipped upside down.

Davion the Dragon Knight begins his adventure, Mirana must confront a new aspect of her identity, and the larger, heavenly struggle rages on with no end in sight.

After the events of the first two seasons, the Netflix anime will hopefully bring some answers to the burning concerns that have been raised.

Fans can also hope that the episodes be slightly longer, allowing the show to breathe and expand on the series’ great backstory.

What can we expect from the third instalment of DOTA Dragon’s Blood?

There are spoilers for books 1 and 2 ahead!

Davion, now separated from Slyrak, will have to make choices. He’s still one of the world’s best Dragon Knights, but after the devastation Terrorblade and Invoker have left behind, dragons aren’t as much of a threat.

Throughout the second book, Terrorblade has been mostly silent. When book 3 comes out, he’ll almost certainly be the series’ main villain, with at least a showdown with Slyrak on the cards.

That doesn’t want to watch Terrorblade face off against Invoker, two characters who have been trying to outsmart each other for 16 episodes?

Fymryn and Selemene are now fighting for the title as real goddess of the moon. Fymryn, a latecomer, is still learning how to use her abilities, whereas Selemene has shrewdly exploited everyone in her path. It’s a classic battle between idealism and scepticism, one that will almost certainly leave one side bloodied and bruised.

Mirana, who currently sits atop the Helio Imperium’s Solar Throne, is a woman from many worlds who is still struggling to fit into one.

Book 2 primarily concentrated on her plot, and it’s likely that she’ll take a backseat in the next season, or even return to her days of travelling with Davion.

All of these are what we know, further the r/dota2 reddit community has been speculating what might be some surprises in the season 3.

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