DOTA 2 Host SirActionSlacks blessed with a Baby Boy

Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner today revealed about the birth of his child via a Tweet. He posted a picture of his wife along with their newborn child.

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A Dota 2 personality, host, and interviewer, Jake has been well-known in the community for his benevolent personality and his outgoing nature. Be it any event of Dota, he never fails to amuse the crowd alongside his colleagues on the Host desk.

Today he welcomed his first child whom he has named “Teddy Rex”

Earlier in this week, the Dota 2 host kept us updated through a series of Tweets where he had to postpone his “SUBBER SUNDAY Twitch Stream” as the birth of his child got delayed by a week.

Later on, there was yet another hysterical tweet where he mentioned Halo 3’s Warthog Run soundtrack as the theme song while driving his wife who got the labor pain to the hospital at 80mph.

On starting the 2021 year on a cheerful note, SirActionSlacks was congratulated by the community and his colleagues across the internet including Twitter as well. 

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