Abed Azel ’Abed’ L. Yusop currently playing for Evil Geniuses becomes the first player in the history of Dota to achieve the 11,000 MMR milestone.

Photo via DreamHack

Abed’s Dota scene kicked off in 2016 when he crossed the 8000 MMR barrier and came under the spotlight. His grind never stopped, fast-forwarding to next year, in 2017, Abed achieved 9000 MMR and later that year he was the first player to hit five-digit MMR, 10,000. Ahead to 2019, when a new Medal System was introduced in-game and your profile had two different MMR’s, Solo and Party (now it’s only single MMR), Abed was once again the first player to reach 10,000 MMR solo in June and now although it’s 2020, looks like nothing has changed, EG’s star mid-laner who is only 19-year-old is the first one to reach 11,000 MMR.

10,000 MMR club was getting crowded lately with ample of players achieving the milestone. With the on-going pandemic it’s been a while since Abed played any competitive Dota with Evil Geniuses as the star player is stuck in his hometown. This certainly led the player to have time to grind in pubs and achieve the milestone.

The screenshot that Abed shared in his announcement tweet also shows an impressive win rate of 73.3% on Meepo off the 525 games played alongside highest win streak of consecutive 16 games on Invoker and Templar Assassin.

As the current season seems to have lasted close to eight months instead of resetting every 6 months, it is highly likely the rank system to reset with the upcoming Battle Pass update which Valve has promised. With the update being closer, fellow other players from 10K MMR club are on a ticking clock to climb the 11K ladder.