Photo via Wykrhm Reddy on Twitter

Every major tournament in Dota 2 is generally followed by a big patch implementing several key changes to the game. ESL One LA Online too, wasn’t an exception: A new patch for Dota 2 was rolled out on Tuesday which included many hero changes and an XP bonus change. But the most notable change, however, was the adjustment of the movement speeds of items. Every single boot in the game now delivers a flat bonus movement speed instead of a percentage change in ms as earlier. Neutral items like the Spider legs and Woodland striders also deliver flat bonus ms now but items like Yasha and its upgrades now provide a percentage increase in movement speed instead.

All these changes are certainly very confusing at first glance and players might have a tough time deducting how much these changes will affect their favourite hero. Reddit user and Dota 2 fan u/Hoopapotomus has solved the community’s problems by creating a spreadsheet with detailed information on how the movement speed changes will affect each hero.

Studying the spreadsheet it’s apparent that while the comparatively slower heroes like Crystal Maiden will be moving faster with the new boots overall, the majority of heroes, however, will have a slight reduction in their movement speeds as a result of this patch.

What’s also interesting is that Yasha and its upgrades like the Manta style and Kaya/Sange and Yasha now appear to increase the movement speeds of all heroes even further. Patch 7.26a might see more and more move speed reliant cores pick up Yasha for that extra boost in ms. The detailed list of all the changes can be found in the spreadsheet here.