Disguised Toast to Take a Break From Among Us Content Creation

Disguised Toast cancel drama

Among Us became a very popular multiplayer game since numerous streamers started playing the game last year. In addition, Among Us won multiple awards in 2020 including Best Multiplayer Game Award and Best Mobile Game Award. When it comes to Among Us streamers, Disguised Toast is one of the most popular Among Us streamers.

However, Disguised Toast has confirmed that he is no more interested in Among Us. Moreover, he is going to slow down his Among Us stream from now.

In a Twitch stream, Disguised Toast added,

Among Us isn’t that popular, and honestly, when I think about playing Among Us, I’m not excited. I like playing with my friends, I enjoy that social aspect, and honestly, I think the viewers enjoy the social aspect, getting to see how someone lies.

It’s just that all the different scenarios that can come up in Among Us, have already come up. Every backstab, every lie, every strategy… I can’t come up with anything new anymore. There are only so many ways I can say, ‘It wasn’t me’.

So I’m probably slowing down the Among Us content, and honestly, it’s been a long time coming. The new map came out, but you can’t really change up the core gameplay of it.

Disguised Toast hasn’t yet apprised about what will he stream instead of Among Us. However, he likes the idea of playing Minecraft with the right person. Maybe we are going to see Disguised Toast playing Minecraft in the near future.

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