Who said gamers can’t date? Kippo has raised $2 million for a dating app with a goal of building relationships with like-minded people who enjoy video games.

Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have been around for a while now, it’s time gamers get a chance at feeling loved and the dating app for gamers called Kippo is looking to level up the experience. The whole idea behind this app has gathered the startup app a whopping amount of $2 million in the venture. Some of the investment partners of Tinder have invested in this startup as well.

The in-app experience, a profile on the platform can have a set of players’ favourite titles showcased alongside other information of the user like Pokemon-like cards of their pets or so. The app has already debuted on iOS while the Android version is in the making.

Kippo is willing to turn the ”basement dweller” image of a gamer into a modernistic approach. David Park, CEO of Kippo explained to Venture Beat: ”Historically, there were so many stereotypes and stigmas about gamers. We know that that’s just not true anymore. And this is something that this community really needed,” and described gaming-focused public as a demographic that started off niche.

The developers of Kippo are not only making a dating app just for the same of making but they have the designed the app with destined to bring people of likewise-minded to get along so they can play online. Something like, LFG services that Destiny 2 or Leauge of Legends players are familiar with.

Kippo isn’t the only standalone app in the game space. Discord is another app which has become immensely popular within only three years, thanks to group chat friendly design of Slack while adding features such as modern voice and video calling. Not to forget, for plenty of gamers already, it’s a go-to app for communication with other gamers while playing their favourite games. It’s still questionable how Kippo racks up against the giant, but Kippo has some unique set of features that standout which might just help the app grow itself.

Source: WhatsOnMobile