According to a report by HLTV, an email sent to the organizers reveals Valve’s intention to part ways with their direct invitations and opt for a rank-based qualification system that will use two additional competitions paving the way to the 2nd Major of 2020.

The three tournaments including the Major in May will decide a positioning, as per which the best eight teams will be welcomed to the Fall Major as Legends and the following eight as Challengers, with the staying eight teams originating from the previously existing Minor qualification framework in the four regions.

The message sent to the organizers involved a list of requirements:

  • – The event will be between July and September.
  • – The event will result in a LAN portion with a minimum of 8 teams. The portion of the event preceding the LAN competition can be online or LAN.
  • – The event will include a minimum of 24 teams, of which 16 slots are available to teams by Major ranking, and 8 are selected by a process of the TO’s choosing.
  • – The event results will differentiate between the top 16 performing teams and the remaining teams.
  • – Initial seeding for the event will be done by Major ranking.
  • – Valve will match up to $250k in prize money.

The email likewise expresses that the essential objective of these requests will be to recognize teams that will be make their way to the Major, with Valve focusing on that they won’t put any requirements on the format, size, and area.

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