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Valve is Now Blocking CSGO Accounts for Boosting Ranks

It’s not uncommon to find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players abusing the in-game matchmaking system to glide through the ranks. These sorts of matchmaking abuses have been existent in the community for several years now, and players have been raising repeated complaints to the developers about the issue.

Luckily, it seems like Valve has taken note of this problem, as the devs have started issuing bans on users who have been abusing the matchmaking system to gain ranks in an unfair way.

This means that attempts to boost your account to higher ranks with the help of unfair methods could lead to a permanent ban from CSGO.

In the screenshot posted by Reddit user u/TarOfficial, we can see a user being banned from CSGO for ‘false matchmaking’.

It goes without saying that this is great news for the CSGO community in general since it will lead to the reduced number of smurfs, boosters, and griefers in your competitive games.

Sonu Banerjee
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