Underrated CSGO Weapons in Pro Scene

Managing economy in CSGO could be easier.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s blueprint is quite refined as compared to other first-person shooter games. Valve’s iconic production CSGO has many modes that make the game enjoyable, but the competitive experience is only fun for the versed who know how the economy works. 

Weapons in a competitive match can make or break the game. Spend your cash on one wrong weapon, and you might take your entire team down with you. Guns and utility can cost a lot; it’s essential to make smart decisions in 15 seconds.

Professionals widely used AWP, M4a4, AK47 from 2019 to 2020 with a pick rate of 13%, 17.95%, and 32.29%, respectively. However, the extensive load-out of CSGO might have some hidden gems waiting to be unearthed. 

The forgotten pistols of CSGO

  • Counter strike professionals prefer their USP-S on first rounds, but stats show that P2000 might help players bag more kills. With an accuracy range of 24m and a greater ammo capacity, P2000 can turn out to be a lethal weapon in long and mid-range fights. 
Properties of P2000
  • Dual Berettas are a pair of pistols that are heavily underrated when it comes to competitive play. Despite having an affordable price tag of $400, the firearms remain to be under picked by the pros.   
Properties of Dual Berettas

PP-Bizon could help save some cash

Infamous P90 is the ideal pick on force buys. It is cheap, effective, and practical to rush in or defend a site. However, with a hefty price of $2350, P90 becomes less suitable for a broken team. 

With a fire rate of a whopping 750 RPM, PP Bizon comes at a low price of $1400. The sub-machine gun is maneuverable and has fairly manageable recoil. Despite the affordable price range and a decent fire rate, Bizon remains to be one of the least picked CSGO weapons by the professionals at a pick rate of less than 2%. 

Properties of PP-Bizon

XM1014 is the ultimate underdog

Shotguns have been unofficially voted out of CSGO meta. Highly undervalued guns hardly make it to the kit of any professional player. XM1014 stands out from the rest with its automatic firing mode and high kill reward of $900.

XM1014 is easily one of the best shotguns available for $2000. Ideal for Counter terrorists, the gun can prove to be deadly when used at the right chokepoints and close fights. High armor penetration rate makes it an ideal pick for forced buy rounds when the team may want to weaken the opponent’s economy by dropping down weapons.

Properties of XM1014

Galil might have overshadowed Negev’s prowess

The Negev is one of the most under-picked CSGO weapons by the professionals despite its moderate price. For $1700, Negev can do lethal damage to enemies in close range. The gun offers a significant ammo capacity of 300, allowing players to spray down several enemies in one go. It can be a suitable buy on the second round for terrorists if the team plans to push and take site control. 

Properties of Negev

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