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Spirit takes down GODSENT

The Brazilians took on the Russians in a game of Swiss round 2 for teams with 0-1 at the PGL Stockholm Major, with the latter coming out on top with a fairly tough win.

Spirit came into the match with a loss against FaZe Clan that looked indomitable. Spirit players failed to find their footing, however, they were far resilient side and denied falling flat against everything GODSENT threw against them.

Off the back of a strong start on the CT side, Spirit were quick to establish their dominance over GODSENT, with a comfortable 5 rounds lead before moving onto the T-Side. GODSENT’s unconvincing T side was highlighted by Spirit’s deep playbook as they made the bombsites look like fortresses. Ending the half with a 10-5 lead, Spirit’s T side met a better GODSENT.

The second half was a closer affair, with both teams trading rounds before Spirit was able to reach 16 whereas GODSENT managed 12. A game of fine margins, saw the Brazilians fight tooth and nail to keep their major dreams alive. They offered a good fight but weren’t strong enough to take down Team Spirit who were the clear favorites heading into the match.

Nikolay ‘mir’ Bityukov was the highest-rated player on the server with a 1.30 IR but his teammates weren’t far behind. His efforts were well rounded with a team that looked prepared and ready to make some upsets in the major.

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