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FaZe cut it close with ENCE

Finn ‘karrigan’ Anderson with a stellar performance as FaZe secured a close victory over ENCE to make it 2-0 on the opening day of PGL Stockholm Major.

FaZe were off to a slow start with dycha and Spinx looked sharp, shutting down their attempts to get going on Dust 2. It wasn’t until Havard ‘rain’ Nygard’s 1v4 clutch that changed the entire look of the FaZe’s offense. With karrigan and rain getting off to a slow start, ENCE were able to capitalize and pick up a few rounds.

rain’s clutch helped FaZe find their footing, with Helvijs ‘broky’ Sauskants surprisingly as the underperformer. The Latvian sniper had a round T-side but was able to contribute in a supportive role. Despite everyone performing at an impressive level, karrigan managed to steal the show, with lurks that perfectly highlighted his years of experience. The first half ended with FaZe edging out ENCE with a single-round lead, 8-7 favoring FaZe.

The second brought it even closer, with ENCE securing an anti-eco which helped them pick up 5 rounds a row that left FaZe trailing with 5 round deficit, and this is where karrigan’s heroics secured the most important rounds for FaZe, impressive when supporting, steller when anchoring and sublime when pushing. Every move FaZe made was a well calculated one, that could have had consequences if it failed.

Needless to say, the Danish IGL, ended the map with 28 kills and 1.55 IR, making him the highest-rated player on the server. 2 wins out of 2 games bring them as close to the final stage as they can get on an opening day.

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