NaVi’s ‘B1T’ Gets Autograph Rejected by Valve Because of Similarity to Bitcoin Logo

Player Autographs are one of the best things about CS:GO Major, as it allows players to immortalize their name in the game with the best of the best as they make it to a Major. Valve’s new ruling of only allowing signatures for the Top 8 teams’ players wasn’t well-received by anyone from the community or players or talent for that matter as no announcement had been made up until the Major was about to start and it wasn’t fair to the players debuting at the PGL Major.

But it makes no matter for Natus Vincere’s headshot king Valeriy ‘B1T’ Vakhovskiy. B1T is one of the handful of new players that will be getting their FIRST signatures in the game, alongside ‘YEKINDAR’ from VP, ‘VINI’ and ‘drop’ from FURIA, ‘misutaaa’ and ‘Kyojin’ from Vitality, ‘Plopski’, ‘hampus’ and ‘LNZ’ from NiP, all of Gambit except ‘Hobbit’ and all of Heroic except ‘cadiaN’.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for B1T as according to NaVi’s Vlog on their YouTube Channel, BIT’s original submission for an autograph was rejected by Valve. This was mainly due to its likeness to Cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Since the logo of Bitcoin was very similar to the B in B1T’s signature, Valve did not approve of it as it MAY cause problems for them in the future, or even right now.

This isn’t the first time this had to happen though, as players such as ‘DickStacy’ from Australia too had to change their original submissions.

The playoffs start today for the PGL Major at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm, with a crowd for the first time in 791 days i.e. more than 2 years. NaVi will play Team Vitality on Friday for a Semi Final spot.

Heroic take on VP and G2 face NiP for the first 2 Quarter Final Games.

NaVi’s Creative Director Alexey Kostylev talking about why the Signature was rejected.