Monte CSGO players accused of breaking war-time travel policy

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In the wake of the much-anticipated BLAST Paris Major, seven skilled Counter-Strike gamers have found themselves in a sticky legal situation. 

On May 26, the Ukrainian Sports Ministry released a list of 236 athletes who did not comply with the country’s travel laws by remaining in foreign countries instead of returning home. In this piece, we explore the background of this occurrence and illuminate the potential repercussions for the involved players.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Youth and Sports named 236 athletes who were supposed to return but didn’t before the deadline given to escorenews. Seven prominent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players were killed, including Monte’s Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev, Volodymyr “Woro2k” Veletnjuk, and Serghij “DemQQ” Demchenko, and B8’s Arsenyj “cptkurtka023” Derevynskyj, Denys “amster” Ljashenko, Aleksei “alex666” Notable names on the roster include Monte CEO Dmytro Vovk.

It’s a reminder that following all transport laws is crucial, especially when attending a sporting event. In light of the ongoing confrontation with Russia, Ukraine has implemented severe steps to ensure the safety of its residents. The purpose of martial law is to protect male Ukrainian citizens aged 18-60 and to help stabilize the country by limiting their freedom of movement.

Due to Russia’s ongoing conflict with Ukraine, martial law barred male Ukrainian nationals between 18 and 60 from leaving. Athletes competing in international competitions were, however, exempted from this rule. Under the stipulation that they would return to Ukraine after the competition was over, the Ukrainian Ministry of Sports allowed certain athletes to travel abroad.

Monte was one of the most impressive teams in the BLAST Paris Major, as they finished in the top eight despite being heavily favored to place lower than they did. In contrast, B8 participated in the European RMR A qualification before the main tournament and were eliminated by Cloud9.

While in Poland, sdy was able to complete his commitments to the online ESL Challenger League matches against Team Spirit Academy and Sprout. He plans to get back to us “in a few days.”

Monte closed their statement by expressing their pride in representing Ukraine internationally and bringing awareness of the ongoing conflict. They apologized to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and indicated their desire to continue representing their country. 

However, the whereabouts of Monte’s CEO were not mentioned, and B8 has not yet issued a comment about the individuals involved.

Travel overseas will likely become more difficult for the players named if they violate the travel guidelines. On August 30, Monte will host the opening ceremony for ESL Pro League Season 18, an upcoming worldwide LAN event.

The lives of these great Ukrainian CSGO players are on the line as we wait for more information about the possible consequences of their conduct.

The esports world has been paying close attention to the recent news of Ukrainian CSGO players breaching travel regulations. These talented gamers may be penalized for disobeying Ukrainian government travel restrictions after showcasing their skills at the BLAST Paris Major.

However, athletes competing internationally were exempted from the ban because of the role sports play in promoting positive international relations and showcasing Ukrainian ability. Athletes from Ukraine were given permission to travel abroad on the condition that they would return home as soon as their competitions ended.

Seven CSGO players, including some well-known personalities from Monte and B8, have been named as violators, bringing the issue to the fore. Monte surprised everyone by defeating Natus Vincere and making the top eight in the BLAST Paris Major. However, B8’s run in the European RMR A qualifier was cut short when they lost to Cloud9.

Monte offered an apology to the Ukrainian Ministry of Youth and Sports once the news broke. They spoke about the weight of their deeds and the honor it was to represent Ukraine abroad. Both their success in the competition and their advocacy for the Ukrainian armed forces demonstrate their loyalty to the country.

Monte may have explained why they were delayed, but their CEO’s whereabouts are still unknown. Furthermore, B8, the squad suspected of being involved, has not yet issued a statement regarding the involvement of their players.

Immediate repercussions for the athletes’ infractions are currently unknown. However, it is expected that persons on the list will have much fewer options to go internationally in the future. Their ability to compete on a worldwide stage may be hampered as a result of this tragic turn of events.

The ESL Pro League Season 18 in Malta will be Monte’s next international LAN event, beginning on August 30. Whether or not these players will be allowed to compete depends on what happens next and what kind of sanctions the Ukrainian Sports Ministry decides to issue.

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