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Player convicted of cheating in Flashpoint Season 3 Open qualifier

The Open qualifier 3 of Flashpoint’s third iteration has reportedly hit a blemish as a player was VAC-Banned in the middle of a match against Apeks. Flashpoint 3 has been declared as an RMR Event for the European teams, which would decide their fate for the PGL CSGO Major, to be held in Stockholm, later this year in October-November.

Pilgaard ‘Peterpik-’ Jacob, who represents RatPatrol, was convicted by the game after steering his team to the top 8 on the board. A total of 476 teams had signed up for the Open qualifier 3 events in a bid to clinch the final 2 spots at the Closed Qualifier event of the same, ultimately leading to the 16 teams’ main event. 

Open qualifiers are indeed known to be brutal and heavy-duty as it’s often a place where the top along with low-tier teams lock horns to book a place in the closed qualifier. Counter Strike veteran Dennis ‘dennis’ Edman and his team found themselves in a similar type of situation when they faced RatPatrol in the same.

RatPatrol breezed past through Apeks and GameAgents to progress onto the Round of 8where they were disqualified after the ban was imposed on Peterpik- by the game.

flashpoint season 3 cheating

Team Apeks in the process lost their chance to qualify for the Closed Qualifier which was followed by Dennis releasing a statement on Twitter:

Lost to cheaters in the flashpoint qualifier and we can’t do anything about it. At least one of them got banned but we’re still out, it’s a bit. Just a bit fucked up that it works like this. Everyone who played them should play for the spot? @Flashpoint

For now, the player and Flashpoint haven’t yet released a statement regarding this situation, though the event organizers have made the changes in the match-ups where Team Cowana will replace RatPatrol in the Round of 8 fixture against GameAgents.

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