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FaZe Eliminate BIG From BLAST Fall Finals at Royal Arena


BIG’s run at BLAST Premier Fall Finals was cut short by FaZe Clan as they eliminated the Germans with a swift 2-0 in the lower bracket on Day 3. FaZe came into the game on the back of a devastatingly close loss to Heroic while BIG were outdone by NaVi. This was the first game from BLAST in 754 days that featured a LAN environment as well as a crowd at the Royal Arena, Copenhagen.

This continues BIG’s downward trajectory after the departure of XANTARES, as they were eliminated in the Challengers Stage of the PGL Major, lost to fnatic at DH Open November and are now the first ones to bow out of the Fall Finals. FaZe will go on to meet Astralis in the Lower Bracket 3 hours later after the Danes lost to Vitality in a close game yesterday.

MAP 1 : BIG 11-16 FaZe Clan

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BIG were underwhelming on their own map pick as well as on their opponent’s. They started of decent but FaZe replied with 7 rounds of their own, but BIG won out the last 3 rounds to stay afloat in the tie with a lead of 8-7. 

Having shown good CT sides before, on Dust2 there were a lot of holes in their defences today as Finn ‘karrigan’ Anderssen out-called Johannes ‘tabseN’ Woodarz through and through. It was Havard ‘rain’ Nygaard that FaZe could rely on again as he had a masterclass in entry fragging and racked up 26 kills, closely followed by Russell ‘Twistszz’ van Dulken with 25 to give his side an easy 16-11 win.

MAP 2 : BIG 9-16 FaZe Clan

FaZe started off their pick of Inferno with a pistol win, courtesy of Olof ‘olofmeister’ Kajbjer’s 1v2 clutch against a 5 man mid rush from BIG Clan. They went on a streak of 6-0 and looked prime for a blow out but BIG came back in fine form thanks to IGL tabseN again as they got 7 rounds on the CT side, respectable by all means after a 6-0 start.

It was FaZe’s CT side that truly sealed the map as the Germans only found 2 rounds, here and there in a half that was FaZe’s from the get go. They couldn’t win their duels and were outsmarted by the CTs at every turn as FaZe won 5 clutches and were lethal on the CT side to win the game 16-9.

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