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Vitality Shut Down Liquid, Heroic Complete Comeback Over FaZe on BLAST Fall Final Opening Day

Team Vitality took on Team Liquid for the first game of BLAST Premier Fall Finals and made quick work of them in the series to secure a quick 2-0. Both the teams were termed as ‘dead teams’ by fans as both have announced that changes are coming. For Liquid, it’s the departure of Jake ‘Stewie2k’ Yip and Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo while for Vitality it is Richard ‘shox’ Papillon and Jason ‘Kyojin’ Nguyen Van that will be leaving at the end of the year, it is rumoured.

In the second game it was Heroic, fresh off their PGL Major Semi Final run who took on FaZe Clan. Despite it being a 2-0, FaZe Clan kept it deathly close until the end. They were up 10-8 on Mirage and then 12-6 on Nuke but lost both the games in regulation with scores of 16-14 and 16-13.

It was apparent that Liquid weren’t really having the time of their lives and the atmosphere looked off, whereas Vitality were enjoying every second screaming and shouting in their possible ‘Last Dance’ tournament. Liquid had a 4-0 start on Mirage but quickly fell off as they lost the next 10 rounds in a row, only winning the final one as consolation. On the CT side too they had a good streak of 5 but Vitality looked comfortable as they won 16-10 from there on, without breaking a sweat, courtesy of ‘ZywOo’ and his 25 frags and 1.54 rating. 

Dust2 was a similar story as Liquid couldnt get 2 consecutive rounds in the first half. ‘ZywOo’ and ‘misutaaa’ took the reins this time and put up 11 for Vitality, with 18 and 17 kills in the half respectively. It was a formality in the second half as Vitality got the remaining 5 rounds, giving up just 3 to win 16-7.

Heroic kept it rather close with FaZe, with both the halves ending 8-7, albeit in Heroic’s favour both the times. It was ‘broky’ who carried FaZe in the first half, being the only player who went positive in K-D as he notched up 17 kills while the rest of FaZe was kept under check by ‘sjuush’ and ‘TeSeS’. The international roster did start the half with a lead of 10-8 but it was quickly cut down and then the teams traded rounds back and forth until the 30th as the Danes prevented OT to win in regulation.

Nuke looked like FaZe’s map pick going by eye test. They shut Heroic’s T side attacks with ease as they could only find 6 rounds. FaZe added the cherry on top by winning the pistol and were up 12-6.

A lost 3v2 in the 20th round saw the tide turn for Heroic as they put up round after round, going on a streak of 9 to complete the comeback and end the map 16-13.

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