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Mouz Knock BIG Out Advance to Legends Stage of PGL Major

Mouz confirmed their qualification to the Legends Stage with a 2-1 win over Berlin International Gaming. Both the teams were 2-2 in the Challengers Stage and this was their final shot at a Legends berth. BIG started off well but a comeback from Mouz saw them through, with AWPer Frederik ‘acoR’ Gyldstrand outperforming everyone on the server.


1. BIG removed Ancient

2. MOUZ removed Overpass

3. BIG picked Dust2

4. MOUZ picked Inferno

5. MOUZ removed Mirage

6. BIG removed Vertigo

7. Nuke was left over

MAP 1 : BIG 16-10 Mouseports

Dust2 might have been a Carbon copy of the game BIG played against ENCE yesterday in the 2-1 bracket. With the same scoreline at the end of the game, but also an identical division of rounds on the T and CT sides. 

Mouz’s strong start to the CT side was quelled only by IGL ‘tabseN’ who took the reins to give them a respectable 6 rounds on the T side. What followed was another CT lockdown from BIG, allowing only 1 T round for Mouz with great Mid defense from the leader.

MAP 2 : BIG 12-16 Mouseports

On their preferred map pick, Mouz had an iron fist on the game in the first few rounds. They were up 9-2, and the score at the end doesn’t do justice to their dominance. Once they lost control of the economy after a few close rounds, BIG had a chance to come back with their own string of rounds to end the half 9-6. 

The CT side from Mouz was closely contested by BIG, who never let go of the gas even when they were behind by 5 match points thanks to ‘frozen’s ACE.

BIG strung 2 more rounds together but it wasnt enough as the international roster needed just 1 and they got it to end the map 16-12.

MAP 3 : BIG 12-16 Mouseports

The final map was inarguably the most brawly out of them all, with neither team looking too strong from the get go. Mouz on the CT side first kept trading rounds back and forth for an end result of 8-7 in favour of them. BIG might’ve gone on a longer streak had new boy ‘Bymas’ not ninja-defused the bomb right under the nose of ‘syrsoN’ to give his side a much needed 5th round.

After the switch Mouz turned up the gears and with brilliant calling from Aussie ‘dexter’ there was little the Germans could do. 

At the end of it all the score line read 16-12 as BIG bombed out of the PGL Major.

Mouseports have now confirmed a spot at the Legends stage tomorrow to join Heroic, Virtus.pro, FaZe Clan, Entropiq, ENCE and Copenhagen Flames from the Challengers Stage.

BIG are out of the Major, without making it to the top 16.

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