DewArena: The ultimate combat begins


Initiated roughly two months ago, DewArena, India’s largest eSports gaming festival is all set to conclude their first edition of the event this week in Delhi. The play-offs of the event will run from 23rd of September until 25th.

Mountain Dew announced DewArena Gaming Championship announced the launch of their new variant GameFuel in New Delhi on 9th June. In their partnership with ESL India, DewArena was announced with a massive prize-pool of over ₹ 8,00,000 will be split between different games. The online qualifiers drove four teams to the top of CS: GO tables which are invited to the DewArena LAN finals.

DewArena – Become the face of GameFuel


We take you through the 9-week long journey of these qualified teams:

MxB Gaming

Sabyasachi ‘antidote’ Bose

Making their way to the top among the 255 registered teams, MxB Gaming qualified from the second online qualifiers. In their journey to the top, they beat MakeWay, Team Brutality and finally Mision in Stealth (2-0). This squad mostly of teenagers is lead by Bhavin ‘HellRangeR’ Kotwani, he interests into picking players and polishing them into professionals.

MxB Gaming, apart from being participants consistently in the most events, has been existing in the community from a very long time. This team arguably has some of the top aimers on their side. MxB Gaming has:

  • Bhavin ‘HellRanger’ Kotwani
  • Mohit ‘SpawN’ Wakle
  • Sharan ‘Busterr’ Dave
  • Varun ‘Spy’ Mehta
  • Sabyasachi ‘antidote’ Bose
  • Shailesh ‘Blackhawk’ Dalvi

The names might look unheard of, but these players have proved it time and again that they are among the best CS: GO teams in India.

Team Brutality

Team Brutality with Akshat Rathee, CEO, Nodwin Gaming

Is the name just enough? Of course, you can head over to their achievements to affirm. Team Brutality has been the benchmark squad for most of the teams in India. Their consistency is what draws them out from the masses. Lead by Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth, one of the Counter-Strike veterans in the country, Brutality is habituated to dominate the leaderboards of most of the events in India.

Arguably, going head-to-head against their rivals Invisible Wings (also qualified for the LANs) and Team Invictus, Brutality have not failed to impress their fans on different occasions. Their lineup for DewArena will have:

  • Ankit ‘v3nom’ Panth
  • Aakash ‘RiX’ More
  • Jay ‘fox’ Shah
  • Ayush ‘astarrr’ Deora
  • Arun ‘Kundya’ Kandpal

Team Brutality qualified from the third online qualifiers, where they beat TmG, Overcome and Invisible Wings (2-0) in the finals.

Invisible Wings

Invisible Wings at an event in Bangalore

If you look around for the most ups-and-downs any organization has ever had in Indian eSports community, you ought to take Invisible Wings’s record at the top. With a stubby start to an excellent professional squad, Invisible Wings has set examples for most of the emerging CS:GO teams.

The way they have adjusted themselves according to the bizarre situations which came upfront, Invisible Wings is also the most diversified squad regarding skills and experiences. They will attend DewArena LAN finals with:

  • Mithil ‘MithilF’ Sawant
  • Manan ‘Manan’ Bhatt
  • Simar ‘psy’ Sethi
  • Akshay ‘Kappa’ Sinkar
  • Ritesh ‘RitZ’ Shah

Invisible Wings qualified for the DewArena LAN finals into the last available slot, they beat Elements and Team Overcome on their way.

Team Overcome (replaced for Team Invictus)


Although they couldn’t qualify for the LAN finals through the predetermined slots, their fortune was fortunate enough to offer them another chance to be eligible for the majors, and they didn’t miss it. Team Overcome, is the fourth and final team to be the participant to fight for ₹ 3,50,000 INR.

This group of youngsters is seen aligned beside MxB Gaming, much in common in their playstyle and the experiences. Team Overcome is also a squad which appears in the list of top four CS:GO teams in India. They geared up for DewArena with:

  • Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma
  • Vivek ‘Shabby’ Patel
  • Shoeb ‘Akatsuki’ Shaul
  • Aaqib ‘Bababiceps‘ Dingankar
  • Divesh ‘Monster.’
  • Sachin ‘pwN’ Gaikwad

Team Overcome got qualified through the decider qualifier which was brought into action after Team Invictus travelled to China for ZOWIE Extremesland international finals, leaving a slot behind. The action begins on 23rd of September where the semi-finals will be played on the teams. The grand finals will be played on 25th.