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CS:GO Squid Game Map Is Available on Steam Workshop


The globally popular TV Series, Squid Game has taken the world by storm, catching the eye of almost everyone, be it from the Gaming community or not. The show was so popular that people from around the world created their own versions of it in different games be it Fortnite, Roblox or Dreams.Ā 

That also brought American YouTuber – MrBeast to create his version of Squid Game in real life. The video amassed 131 million views and is still growing and included 456 people who took part in games similar to the show (without the actual violence and death of course). 

CSGO map makers and workshop artists were not too far behind in imitating this and created a map based on the hit Netflix series to become the latest game to have a Squid game mod.

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The map was created by DepoSit, Animist, nexus and concole.Ā 

DepoSit – location creation

concole_ – creating player models and others

nexus – searching for sounds

Ansimist – map scripts and everything else

Community figures Orel and GabeFollower were also involved in the completion of the map. 

The map needs 2 players at least to start and can have up to 64 players. It has 6 stages that the player needs to get past, and each stage is based on the show and has a different skill set. According to the map makers, the rules are similar to the show as well:

  • “Red Light, Green Light” – you must cross a field in which for every extra move the player can be dead.
  • “Cookie” – the game where you have to cut the shape out of a candy.
  • “Tug of War” – here the name speaks for itself. Players are divided into teams and start to pull the rope at speed, so as not to be at the bottom.
  • “Marbles” is an old children’s game of odd-even. A player makes a bet and also tries to guess the opponent’s bet.
  • “The Glass Tile Game” is a small bridge consisting of ordinary and tempered glass. Jumping over the tempered glass will lead you straight to victory while the regular glass will be your ticket to the other side. After the remaining players reach the edge of the bridge, here is the final stage called “Not a Squid Game” comes. Players get knives and have a melee fight where only one winner will emerge.

The map currently has 86,000+ subscribers on the workshop.

The map was also noticed by CS:GO Streamer, Trader and Content Creator Anomaly who decided to host his own version of the game for a video, with a skin promised for the winner.

The map can be downloaded from the Steam Community Workshop here.

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