CSGO Refutes G2 Esports’ Claims on RMR Capsules

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As opposed to some ongoing rumors, it looks like the RMR sticker capsules that were added to CSGO a couple of weeks ago aren’t being discontinued tomorrow, as the developers have confirmed that the exact date of its discontinuation has not yet been revealed.

Earlier today, popular esports organization G2 Esports claimed through a story in their Instagram handle that the RMR capsules would be discontinued tomorrow.

“Last day to get a capsule,” the G2 story said.

It wouldn’t be surprising if avid CSGO fans and traders thought of it as a good opportunity to invest in these sticker capsules to make some profit off them. However, it looks like the rumors were entirely false, as confirmed by the CSGO developers themselves.

In a tweet released by the official CSGO handle, the developers refuted G2 Esports’ claims on the capsules being discontinued today.

“We have not told teams when RMR stickers will be discontinued and any communication on the matter will be public,” the devs said.

They also explained a method for buyers to get refunds on their sticker capsule purchases they made as a result of that story or for other reasons.

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