CS:GO average players dropped highest since 2012

In a not very shocking turn of terminology, CS:GO experienced a massive drop in the calculation of average players which was reported at -10% by Steamcharts. The reason is not that people are losing interest in the game, but more and more hackers are ruining the fun and Valve has taken no strict action until today.

Valve pretends to be absconding when asked about their efforts in eliminating the hackers from the game, with a tedious feature of banning the blatant cheaters from Overwatch, and thus the community is not very happy with them. The amount of players adding up to the game is far more than people Overwatching and wasting their time to make the community cleaner. Valve simply avoid talking about this and are in no mood to take actions against this.

We can not claim it to be a down fall entirely, but a massive drop in the number of players enjoying the game has been recorded. It is important to note that these are not only professionals but semi-pros and casual gamers who just enjoy the game. Ever since the last ban-wave came flying, Valve made over a million dollar just from banning the hackers and still has not implemented a strong anti-cheat, and now you know the reason why.

CSGO hackers

Valve’s response

These hackers are now fearless than ever, as they are confident enough on not particularly their undetected hacks, but also on Valve’s ignorance to the major part of community destruction. Also to note that the major share of the players enjoying the game rely on Valve’s match-making which is not superior to the third party services but is easy to play, and the numbers dropping down is not only of the Valve match-making but, CS:GO players as a whole, which is devastating.

Ample number of people have joined and showed their interest in CS:GO in the recent years and Valve should have been more than serious about this regard than ever. The way they handle the situation of hackers or give this section lesser priority just doesn’t add-up. If they want to see the community grow, the effort should not only be hosting events but also taking care of the online community by discouraging hackers and punishing them at such intense from there the abusers struggle to return from.  It is quiet amicable to witness how strict Valve is when it comes to banning the wrong-doers but is not abusing the game also a form of exploiting the game mechanics?

It is high time that players who are regular should not just wait for the ban-hammer but should be expecting a strong VAC system from the developers which is not impossible when there are third-party Anti-cheats working better than VAC already.