CSGO: Fivetown Scam and How to Avoid It

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Scamming is not a new thing in the world of esports, and it isn’t only limited to in-game currencies and cosmetics. Over the years, scam artists have come up with a variety of ways to rip off victims for thousands of dollars a day, and it seems like they’re resorting to the new Fivetown Scam that not many are aware of.

The ‘Fivetown’ scam is recently gaining traction in the CSGO community as more and more clueless players are falling victim to it. While scams similar to the Fivetown scam have been existent for quite a while, a lot of players don’t know how it works.

How to avoid Fivetown CSGO Scam

For starters, CSGO players, or sometimes Steam members in general, will receive a suspicious message from a random person in their friends’ list. The message will say something along the lines of, “Hey, vote for my csgo team on fivetown – we just need two more votes.”

The exact message may vary but the concept is similar – they’ll ask you to log on to a third-party website to “vote” for their team.

Needless to say, there’s no such actual team, and neither can you vote for them. Once you log on to the phishing website, your account credentials will be stolen and your account will get hacked.

If two-factor authentication is not enabled on your account, you may find yourself being stripped of all your CSGO skins. Otherwise, the scammers will attempt to steal your skins through trades you make in the future by changing your API.

To avoid it, simply don’t click on the phishing link sent by the scammer. In case you have already clicked on the link, you must immediately change your account details like the password and change your API if it has already been set by the hackers.