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CSGO files leak official team and player patches, autograph sprays

According to a report by Nick J from Win.GG, Valve has reportedly been working on it’s potential aesthetic plans which might be released soon in the near future. The air got filled with the news of this prospective when some of Valve’s files were leaked in the first place which did blow up the cover for some upcoming plans of player, team, tournament patches. These patches will probably modify the agent models with player autographs, team logos, and tournament logos.

Last week when ESL had announced it’s Louvre Agreement, it also had released a video on their twitter which showed us a glimpse of the Agent operators each with a team logo on their uniform.

With this video up in the community, it might be a teaser for the fans for something big which is yet to come in Valve’s Famous FPS Title Counter Strike : Global Offensive. With the Patch Pack being already bought in the game, we might soon see the team logos along with the player autographs and tournament logos culminating in the game.

Image Credits : Win.gg

A SFUI command list has also been noticed in one of  the leaked file  which does confirm some potential aesthetics being inculcated in the game. Basically SFUI commands doe help the player to recognize a specific item when he/she hovers his/her mouse over it. We might soon be witnessing a teaser for the same either in the Ongoing Intel Extreme Masters Event in Katowice or In the Rio Major which are both hosted by ESL as the later has partnered with best 13 CS:GO teams which binds them with a confirmed slot at the ESL Pro tour circuit for an undefined period of time.

The agent models shown in the trailer are believed to be developed in Counter Strike’s source 2 engine. But for now this specific plan is just a rumor with no confirmation from the Valve or any developers.

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