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CSGO: Crowd’s Interference With Plays Still A Problem At LAN Events


BLAST Premier Fall Finals finished earlier today at a packed Royal Arena, in front of thousands of Danish CSGO Fans. Only the second event of the year with a crowd at LAN, it was missed very much during the Online era but it wasn’t all bells and whistles.

The production from BLAST was top notch but the fans left a sour memory for everyone there. This was pointed out by renowned analysts Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields and Chad ‘SPUNJ’ Burchill who was present at the arena itself. They called the fans out for favouring Astralis, helping them when they spammed smokes and making them aware of a flank by asking them to look behind and other chants that could have been helpful. 

The players do wear noise-cancelling headphones at all times but when 8 thousand people start shouting, it is hard to miss the sound. Some TOs do use sound proof booths so as to not let any sound from fans help the players, but it is an expensive investment, not to mention cumbersome to use when you’re having events all over the world.

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The fans were also called out in the arena by host Alex ‘Machine’ Richardson when they booed French player ‘shox’ as he was interviewing them. Some fans left the stadium when Astralis werek knocked out, saying they had no reason to stay for the Grand Final and were termed as ‘plastic fans’ by SPUNJ.

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