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CIS Teams Write Open Letter to Valve Asking for Akuma Cheating Investigation

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Fourteen out of sixteen teams that participated in the EPIC League CIS RMR tournament, alongside Team Unique, have asked Valve  through an open letter to launch an investigation into the cheating allegations against Akuma.

Akuma managed to grab the third place in the RMR tournament and defeated teams like Natus Vincere and Virtus.Pro along the way. 

The teams alleged that Akuma “received live data from third parties on external devices” during the matches that gave them information on the whereabouts of their enemies.

The letter also points out several key concerns regarding the tournament that was run by the Russian Esports Federation (RESF) and Epic Esports Events and suggested solutions to prevent these issues in the future. We had previously reported how some CSGO pros, including s1mple, were unhappy with several aspects of the tournament.

This follows the RESF statement released on May 30th, claiming that they had investigated Akuma and didn’t find “any signs of foul play.”

“The interpretation of the players’ actions during the match cannot serve as a reliable confirmation of foul play, ” the statement said. “We have collected all the necessary information to make a decision, notified Valve and ESIC of the situation, and are ready, if necessary, to conduct a retrial with their participation, providing the full amount of information we have collected.”

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