Best cases to open in CSGO

Feeling lucky? Time to unbox some knives

best cases to open in csgo

If you’re familiar with CSGO skins, you probably know how big an impact they have on the FPS title by Valve. In fact, it is the introduction of skins that stopped the steadily declining player count of CSGO at a point in the past and turned it around.

Opening cases are perhaps the quickest and easiest ways to get yourself some nice CSGO skins. However, with so many cases being available in the market, you can find yourself puzzled by the decision on which one to open.

That’s why we’re here to help you out. In this article, we’ll share with you the best CSGO cases you can open right now in 2020 and hope to make a good chunk of profit off it.

  1. Spectrum 2: While any case with a Butterfly knife would top my list, Spectrum 2 is the ideal case to open because of multiple reasons. For starters, it is ridiculously cheap on the marketplace at a couple of cents each, and it boasts two of the most gorgeous and most expensive butterfly knives to date – the Marble Fade and the Doppler. Both of these knives can easily net you around $1000 and are amazing to use in-game. Besides, even if you don’t get the knife, you can also hope to get the AK-47 Empress, which is a wonderful skin itself.
  1. Gamma 2: If you’re not a fan of Butterfly knives, surely you must like Karambits. The Gamma 2 case lets you unbox three of the fanciest Karambit knives out there – the Gamma Doppler, Autotronic, and Lore. While they aren’t as pricey as the fade, they’re still enough to get all eyes on you when joining a game. Besides, some Autotronic knives with good floats can reach prices much higher than $1000.
  1. Chroma 3: While every single skin in the Chroma 3 case is worthy of praise, the reason for putting this case at #3 is due to the fact that it can land you Marble Fade finished on the Karambit and M9 Bayonet, both of which are extremely popular in the community marketplace.
  1. Fracture Case: So you don’t like older knives? Perhaps you want to get yourself one of the newer, fancier knives? Then the fracture case is for you. It features all the new knives released in the Shattered Web Collection but the ones you should look for are skeleton knife variants. The slaughter finish for the skeleton knife is so rare that only five of them are available in the market at the time of writing.
  1. Glove Case: Instead of regular knives, this case features gloves as its special item, and that’s what makes it unique. Even if you don’t consider the fact that some gloves have ridiculously high price tags on the market, you still have plenty of reasons to open the Glove case. The SSG Dragonfire is one of the best-looking skins in the entire game, and the M4A4 Buzz Kill is also something to look for in this case.

These were a few best cases to open in CSGO. When you’re opening cases, it’s easy to find yourself getting lost and spending your savings relentlessly in hopes of getting a rare drop. This happens because opening cases in CSGO have almost the same effect on your brain as gambling does, try to remain in control of your decisions, and spend only what you can afford to spend.

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