Best CSGO Case Opening Sites 2021

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Ever since skins were introduced to the game in 2013 with the Arms Deal update, players have flocked towards cases and knives and the best cases. With the player base only going upwards since then, lots of trading and case opening websites have popped up. They provide players with attractive offers and the opportunity to get a knife or high tier skin without even opening CS:GO from Steam. 

Today we will look at the best case opening sites as per, which have the best rating, the most traffic and the highest chance of getting good skin.

All the websites listed below are 100% secure and free of any scams or shady business on the side and are fully transparent with the users that open cases on the site.

Best CSGO Case Opening Sites:


DatDrop is a case of opening a website with more than 2 million registered users on it. It has been a reputed CSGO case opening site for many a year and has been featured by YouTuber Sparkles as well in multiple videos.

It provides quick withdrawal and Free daily bonuses to users as well as sign up bonuses for new users.


Farmskins is another verified website which was started in 2016. It provides a free $1 bonus to users on sign up. It has had 89 million cases opened till now, and counting. It provides multiple ways to pay and is G2Apay partnered website as well. It has a customer rating of 99.2% out of 75k reviews and is a trusted site with a high chance of unboxing a knife or a high tier skin like Gungnir or Dragon Lore.


Hellcase is a website with a high % of getting a good drop and always provides new bonuses to users from time to time. KennyS is regularly seen on the website on his stream and is partnered with them.

Streamer Lobanjica is sponsored by Hellcase and provides discount codes to his viewers and followers as well. It is not limited to CS:GO and works for DOTA2 as well.


CSGOLive is one of the oldest case opening sites that was started in early 2016. It has had nearly 135 million cases opened on the site till date and has different cases specifically for knives such as the 70% knife case oor the 80% knife case with a high chance of a knife drop.


GOcase always has a high skin supply and quick withdrawal system. It includes multiple games such as PUBG, CSGO and DOTA2 skins for players to choose from and open cases accordingly.


CaseRandom is a site from Lithuania that allows users to open cases on its marketplace. They have cases from the game itself such as Bravo case or the usual Prisma case and also custom cases with specific skins such as Covert case for covert skins and even a new Knife case specificallly.

Skinhub is another website used by multiple users from around the world. It has high credibility and allows for fast withdrawals.


Daddyskins is as trusted as it gets with more than 1.6 million unique users on it. It was also started in 2016 and has been a regular for players around the world for the best skins, be it the Fire Serpent or the Asiimov.

Dropgun also provides the option to open cases and trade skins. It has few users and isnt very popular currently but still gets regular engagement from time to time.

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