Astralis Decimate IHC, Imperial Humbled vs Team Spirit at PGL Antwerp Major Day 1

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Astralis started their PGL Antwerp Major campaign on the right foot with an absolute stomp of Mongolian side IHC. They defeated them 16-2 on Nuke without any difficulties to go 1-0 after the first set of games.

Imperial, Brazil’s last dance roster of Fallen, fer and fnx too got humbled as they faced their first EU opposition at the major. Team spirit, despite sporting a newer, younger roster eased past the major winners, 16-6 on Dust2 to also go 1-0.

IHC and Astralis were left to play Nuke after IHC decided to remove Overpass, and it would come back to haunt them. gla1ve’s Astralis were the ones that taught the world of CSGO that Nuke T side can actually be masterminded into something more back in 2018.

IHC were taught a lesson (albeit on the CT side) in that as Astralis started on the defense. After winning the first round the Mongolllians don’t find another one for 12 rounds as Astralis put on a masterclass in defence.

The half ended 13-2 and the danes that were the favorites coming in glided past IHC 16-2 after winning 3 T rounds.

Team Spirit, who grabbed the last spot from the Europe RMR B came into the Major with all guns blazing. Young gun Patsi showed his incredible mechanical skills on the T side as he went 19-9 to help his side to 10 rounds on the T start.

After the switch, AWPer degster laid down the law with his snipers as Imperial could only find 1 T round as the Russians comfortably ended the match 16-6.

Imperial and IHC join Eternal Fire, Renegades, Liquid and Complexity in the 0-1 bracket while Astralis and Spirit advance to the 1-0 matches.

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