A Quick Look at the Best CS:GO Team of 2020

Photo via HLTV.org

Anyone who has been a fan of the digital gaming industry for an extended period of time is already aware of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive series. This multiplayer first-person shooter has gained an immense amount of fame thanks to its amazing graphics, its intricate gameplay and naturally, an unrivalled sense of real-world competition.

In terms of e-sports, CS:GO ranks as one of the best games currently on the marketplace. This is why countless professional teams have been created in order to do battle within the digital domain. Some are naturally more proficient and talented than others. While teams such as Tyloo and Astralis have certainly made headlines, many feel that the top team of 2020 is Team Vitality.

Let’s take a look at why this is the case:

Organized In-Game Performances

While fans will always debate which team is the best, it is still a fact that Vitality has led the way in terms of overall points (936 at the time that this article was written). Their closest rivals are currently Astralis and Heroic (respectively). Many feel that this ultimately boils down to nothing more than team cohesion.

The players work extremely well with one another and as we already know, such talent is extremely important within the MMORPG community. Their performances during the ESL One Cologne and the Blast Premier Spring European Final are both testaments to the fact that Vitality has not cut any corners in terms of strategy.

The Players Themselves

Anyone who regularly follows the esports betting community is already aware that a team is only as strong as its weakest link. This is the very same reason why some CS:GO clubs have faltered over the years. This is also why Vitality may very well remain at the top spot for some time. Their current roster includes:

Let’s also not fail to mention that Kevin Rabier (the newest addition) is merely 18 years old. While age may be a factor in the physical football or rugby pitch, it has little influence within the world of esports. In fact, some industry analysts believe that Rabier could be one of the most formidable rising stars in the near future. This is also why the current Vitality line-up is not expected to change any time soon.

Now, there is no doubt that CS:GO rankings are quite fluid in their nature. This is why it is likely that Vitality will be hard-pressed to maintain its number one position over time. Considering the fact that there are so many other professional teams that are vying for the top spot. Whether you are an active player, a die-hard fan, or a newbie within the world of Counter-Strike, it is a foregone conclusion that this platform will continue to provide an intense gaming experience.